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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Top ten (10) Articles submission websites of 2012 | new free articles submission

Another great list for those of you who need to engage in Google SEO yourselves. Similar to our press release distribution sites, editorial submission sites offer you another great platform for building your Web-site free quality inbound links.
Articles you submit to these sites need to be original, related to your field of expertise, well written and free of spelling/grammatical errors. It may be better for you to hire a professional copy-writer to help you with the writing.
URL Google PR Text Links Allowed Pricing Options
www.ezinearticles.com 6 2 free
www.searchwarp.com 5 3 free
www.fastpitchnetworking.com 5 8 $18/3months
www.a1articles.com 5 3 free
www.artilib.org 4 3 free
www.ideamarketers.com 3 7 bidding from $1
www.articlerich.com 3 5 $1.30-$27
www.search-o-rama.com 3 6 free
www.amazines.com 2 7 free
www.infodento.com 2 8 free

Efficient Search Engine Optimization: How to Help Your SEO Expert for you

Search engine optimization is an ever-changing field, and SEO experts work tirelessly to roll with the punches. If you want to search Google and find your business at the top, SEO is essential to your success. At Master Google, we are constantly researching online SEO patterns and putting those findings into practice.
While SEO companies know the ins and outs of SEO, search engine optimizers are probably not experts in your specific field. For the most efficient search engine optimization, you can clue your SEO provider in to the latest trends in your industry, providing a great resource for content.
Here’s how to help your SEO expert help you:
Be Available
At Master Google, we care about your success, as your success is also our success. If you’ve employed an outside SEO company to handle your needs, chances are you’re paying for those services. Life can be hectic, and if you’ve hired an SEO company, it means that you don’t have time to do your own optimization – it means you’re busy. At Master Google, we’re lucky to have clients who take the time to talk to us despite their full work schedules. Try to be prompt replying to phone calls or emails. In contrast, if you feel your SEO company is hard to touch base with, that’s a conversation you should have with your SEO expert.
Share Your Knowledge

Many Master Google clients are experts in their fields, and as lifetime scholars of their subjects, they’re continually learning. Sharing breaking industry news can save your search engine optimizer time in research, meaning you’ll have an extremely relevant topic while giving your optimizer more time to craft meaningful pieces.
Also keep your SEO company up to date with any changes happening within your company. If you’re introducing a new product line or hiring a new executive, your SEO firm may be interested in writing a press release on these changes.
Give Feedback
Your SEO company has a plan in place, and it’s important to take notice of the changes you see as a result of that plan. Has your business gained exposure? Have you had more inquiries than normal? Fewer than normal? Providing your SEO firm with your experienced results can be helpful for both parties.
Do Your Homework
Before selecting an SEO company, do some research. Different companies have different specialties, and you’re encouraged to shop around. Make sure your SEO company is honest and diligent. Be wary of firms that promise unrealistic outcomes. As we’ve said before, SEO takes time, and companies that guarantee overnight results are probably too good to be true.
In a previous post, Master Google’s CEO Ali Husayni gives readers 10 common mistakes to avoid when choosing an SEO company, including not looking at ranking reports or examining proven results. Since you’re doing the hiring, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for references.
“The keywords they show you must be the most competitive for such clients (and not merely long-tailed keywords).”
Providing real results can help you evaluate the right SEO company for your needs. Also feel free to ask any questions you might have, no matter how trivial they might seem.
The right SEO company will work hard to deliver results, but your small efforts to keep your SEO company informed about your industry will be beneficial to everyone. If you’re interested in learning more about how Master Google delivers results, contact us today.

Friday, 30 March 2012

10 high PR backlinks instantly | Free 10 high page rank backlinks trick

Today I want to share to get 10 free backlinks the quality of high Page Rank sites, these websites PageRank (PR) PR 10 to 8. You have gone through this trick and follow my method, then you will receive 10 high PR backlinks instantly. The disease shows step by step guide, I’m sure this is the easiest way to get the instant high PR backlink to your website for free for all lovers of SEO
Step by step guide.

1. www.google.com/profiles
Create a profile
Edit your profile information
Go to “Add custom links to my profile”

2. www.flickr.com/help/forum/en-us/
Customize your profile
Describe: -> Add HTML to your URL + Anchor Text
Upload the photos in the next step

3. Mozilla.org
Create an account
the firm’s profile
Post quality issues

4. www.forums.adobe.com
Register your account
Post your website’s profile
Make some of the quality of the messages

5. registration.excite.com
Create an account
My favorites
Simple editing,

6. www.philly.com
Choose any story (or similar) you want
Leave a comment
Tip: (Older story will have a higher PR) so please do the ancient stories of the search

7. aolanswers.com
Search for questions about your relevant keywords
Answer 4 to 5 questions with your website.
You will get backlinks and traffic.

8. abovethelaw.com
Edit Profile
Bio Edit box
create an anchor text link to website

9. www.blurtit.com
Connect with Facebook
just answer a simple question
Make sure you have used your website link to your answers

10. forge.mysql.com
Register to take into account
Edit your profile
Enter your website “website” field

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Adsense Account Approval Trick 2012 | how to Google adsense approved in 2012

Get your AdSense Account approved quickly with these AdSense account approval trick 2012.These AdSense Approval tips and ticks are really useful for new blogger specially from India,Pakistan and Kenya.A huge number of AdSense applications are rejected globally(about 40% in India it’s 65%). So I am writing this AdSense account approval tips and trick 2012 to help new bloggers to get their AdSense account easily and quickly.

What is AdSense and how AdSense works

Google AdSense is a contextual Cost Per Click(mainly) based program allows webmasters to earn some money from their websites and blogs. The AdSense program is run by Google Inc.
for more info See  Google AdSense- What is it?.

How to Join AdSense?

In order to join the Google AdSense program you will need to have a fully functional site.
If you have one, the go to this AdSense Signup form and fill-up all the areas carefully.Now Google has introduced 2 step verification since last sept. 2011.

AdSense account approval trick 2012, Google AdSense account approval tips 2012

AdSense account approval tips and tricks 2012
Get your AdSense account approved quickly with these tips
Now lets come to our main Article AdSense account approval tips and trick 2012.Here I will not tell you any backdoor method to get your account approved quickly. here I will discuss why your AdSense account is not approved again and again? what is the reason behind that?

If you knew why your AdSense account is not approved then you can correct those problems yourself and get your AdSense account approved.

Why AdSense account rejection again and again in India and worldwide?

1. Content- This is the most important thing. and if your blog content is duplicate/ copied from other blogs then there is no chance that your AdSense account will be approved.To get your AdSense account approved you must write at least 10 unique posts and wait for Google to index them. So from here I can say Content is the king and this is key factor for AdSense account approval in the year 2012.
2. Privacy Policy page-According to Google AdSense Terms you must have a privacy Policy page in your blog and there you must mention about Dart cookies used by AdSense while serving ads. If your blog don’t have a Privacy Policy page then create one, as without this there is a huge chance to get your AdSense request disapproved.
3. Inaccurate and incomplete Address- The address field in the sign-up form is a vital portion and you should fill this carefully.many applications has been rejected due to incomplete address field.Enter an accurate, complete address – I’d recommend updating your address in this way:
Standard AdSense Address field--AdSense account approval tips and trick 2012
4. Content Size- I would recommend you write posts at least 300 to 400 words in length to get your AdSense account approved.Google policies are strict regarding Google AdSense Account approval.
5. Adult Material-Google doesn’t allows any porn or sex related website/blog in AdSense program. If your blog content is related to Porn or Adult in nature than don’t apply for it, as it will be declined surely.
Finally friend don’t try try to get your AdSense account through any backdoor process.
These are 5 tips to get your AdSense account approved.Now a day it takes about 15 days to get a fully approved AdSense account, but you will be able to get your get your Google AdSense approved in 2012 within 10 days by following my Google AdSense approval tips.

Twitter Follower Trick for improve Traffic from Twitter

Follow these tips to get  To Improve You Traffic from Twitter
Choose A Better Username Name:
Shakespeare said What’s in a name? but in todays internet world name matters a lot.A good name can drive lots of attention of users and hence it can drive lots of traffic.
So Getting a Niche Related appropriate name is curtail and a Good name can drive Good amount of Targeted Traffic from Twitter.

Choose A Great looking Profile Picture
It is also important to choose your twitter profile picture related to your niche to get Targeted Traffic from Twitter.I will suggest you to use your Blog logo.

Increase your Follower so Follow, Follow and Follow
Following other users is a nice trick to increase your twitter follower as some of the users you follow will follow you back.If you don’t have too much time then I will suggest you to use TweetAdder and automated software to grow your twitter follower, and this software really helps a lot.

Connect Your Feed to Publish Automatically
Connecting your blog’s feed to your twitter account is mandatory as it will tweet every new post publisher in your blog.If you are using Feedburner then  Your Blog Feed To Twitter Account then it’s very easy just go to Settings tab and click on Add twitter account.
If you are not using feedburner account then you can use dlvr.it to do the same job.
Put your Blog URL in your profile
Add your Blog URL in your twitter Bio, and this will sell some amount of traffic and a backlink to your blog.
Be Regular in twitter
It’s a nice trick to grab attention other twitter followers.Just Be regular and mention other twitter users in your tweet.How to get Targeted Traffic from Twitter

High page Ranking bookmarking websites | Social Bookmarking site free

Social Bookmarking  site Social Bookmarking  site name Site’s Alexa Rank Updated 1/5/2012 Quantcast Rank Updated 1/5/2012 Compete Rank  Updated 1/5/2012
Popular Social Bookmarking Websites -Twitter Twitter 9 5 30
Popular Social Bookmarking Websites -Digg digg 139 330 127
Popular Social Bookmarking Websites -Stumble Upon StumbleUpon 112 90 538
Redit-Popular Social Bookmarking Websites reddit 135 70 946
Delilious-Popular Social Bookmarking Websites delicious 342 870 1396
tweetmeme-Popular Social Bookmarking Websites tweetmeme 426 877 1370
Fark-Popular Social Bookmarking Websites FARK 2120 1019 2045
friendfeed--Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites friendfeed 686 2400 4053
slashdot--Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites Slashdot 1254 1825 2355
clipmarks--Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites clipmarks 3145 1679 2800
newsvine--Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites newsvine 3388 2020 2224
DZone DZone 3401 9527
dligo--Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites diigo 1769 2700 2765
Hacker News--Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites Hacker News 1542 9527
chime.in -Popular social bookmarking sites 2012 Chime.in 5825 10357

If you know any bookmaking website with high ranking then let us know in the comment section.

Social Bookmarking site 2012 with high page rank | registration required social bookmarking

Social Bookmarking site helps bloggers to get traffic as well as to gain PageRank. We have already posted high PR Dofollow social bookmarking sites and 75 High PageRank social bookmarking sites list. Here I am refreshing the list of high PR social bookmarking sites.
  1. 9rules.com
  2. simile.mit.edu
  3. furl.net
  4. stumbleupon.com
  5. flickr.com

Monday, 26 March 2012

New Tips of SEO 2012 | Best SEO tips and trick | Friendly SEO techniques

Dear today i share with you my experience of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) today i share with you a small tips of SEO. my tips for all webmasters and my friends and visitors. my tips is following

1. Do pixel submission
2. Do css submission
3. After collecting all approved url, you should make feed and submit in rss submission sites.
4. After blog posting, you should use ping websites.

how to link building 2012 great tips and trick

How to Link Building in 2012

I prefer forum posting because most forums are usually do follow and after few quality posts they can receive a signature link with our targeted keywords. Other suggested link building strategies are weblog commenting and social bookmarking.

18 Dofollow best Quality articles submission directories April 2012

 18 Dofollow best Quality articles submission directories April 2012
Today i share with you 18 Dofollow best Quality articles submission directories according to me this directories list is best in April 2012. This articles submission have unique script and easy navigation of site. In this way, these directories site can prove better for your blog or website.
  1. allbestarticles.com
  2. amazines.com
  3. articlecity.com
  4. articlecompilation.com
  5. articledashboard.com
  6. articledirectory.com

working High page rank website submission directories 2012 to 2013

Here some directories which is very interested and valuable for promotion of your website or blog and have high page rank directories
  1. lii.org
  2. ilovelanguages.com
  3. bpubs.com/cgi/add.cgi
  4. 4arabs.com/cgi-bin/search/add.cgi
  5. aaasmeetings.org/submit.php
  6. aeroseek.com/cgi-bin/add.cgi
  7. armenialinks.com

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Do Follow submission directories list march 2012 | huge list of Do Follow directories list 2012

Seo Friendly Dofollow Web Direcotires list March 2012 |

 Seo Friendly Dofollow Web Direcotires list March 2012
All sites are hosted on ( Unique C Class ips. ) so Link from Every Site would be Thought about a separate link. Our Team Checks Every submission By hand and Active Only those Link which is According To Google and all search engines Terms and Conditions. You can add your site at no cost in these directories to improve your website's page rank and they do not need reciprocal link.All links would be permanent.

  1. hostinglinkdirectory.com/ 3
  2. indianlinkdirectory.com/ 3
  3. regulararticle.com/ 3
  4. affiliatewebdirectory.com/ 3
  5. directorybirmingham.com/ 3

.uk domain directories site list 2012 | huge list of .uk domain directoires

  1. Marlowdirectory.co.uk
  2. Redditchdirectory.co.uk
  3. Seaforddirectory.co.uk
  4. Shefforddirectory.co.uk
  5. SouthLanarkshiredirectory.co.uk

UK web directories list which quickly approval site 2012

UK web directories list which quickly approval site 2012

I would like to share a immense list of instant approval and do follow directories which approve your submission with in 24 hours and all sites are hosted on best hosting site. so Link from Every Site would be Thought about a separate link. Our Team Checks Every submission By hand and Active Only those Link which is According To Google and all search engines Terms and Conditions. You can add your site free in these directories to improve your website's page rank and they do not need reciprocal link.All links would be permanent

  1. Antrimdirectory.co.uk
  2. Beaconsfielddirectory.co.uk
  3. Blackpooldirectory.co.uk
  4. Bolsoverdirectory.co.uk
  5. Brentdirectory.co.uk

Huge list of instant approval directories 2012 | March 2012 instant aproval directories site list

Getting many backlinks for your website is fundamentally most crucial things that must be done to gain rating in major search engines & bringing traffic to your net site as well. There's various paths to step-up traffic on your site enabling you to get additional visitors day by day.
  1. www.freearticlecollection.com
  2. www.goarticles.com
  3. www.ideamarketers.com
  4. www.ezinearticlesubmit.com
  5. www.ezinearticlebase.com
  6. www.articlesubmit2.com
  7. www.ezine-article.net
  8. www.articlesvine.com
  9. www.freeezinearticles.com
  10. articleleader.info
  11. www.the-writers-block.com
  12. www.articlesinventory.com
  13. volumearticles.com
  14. afreearticledirectory.com
  15. www.webarticlez.com

Thursday, 15 March 2012

28 Top video submission website for marketing 2012

Directories submission that have Fee or Need Reciprocal Link | Best paid submission directories 2012

Directories submission sites

I provide you some great submission directories but some directories have fee and some demand reciprocal link with you. I hope you like this directories list

A1Weblinks Fee
AddYourBlog.Com reciprocal link required
Aviva Fee
Biggerblogger Fee
Blogs All Over the World reciprocal link required
BlogDirectory.org.uk Fee

Submission websites for RSS and Blog submission | Blog submission websites

Submission websites for RSS and Blog submission
  1. FuelMyBlog blog + RSS
  2. FyberSearch
  3. Globeofblogs
  4. Goblog4i
  5. Google
  6. Gozoof
  7. Icerocket

RSS submission directories website 2012 | biggest list of rss sites for submission

RSS submission directories website

Hello Dear.....! I'm Aston Brous from some days i am very busy in my office work in this way I could not update this blog. Any way Now i am free from work.
Today I bring for you some RSS submission websites for you In these site you can submit you site and it RSS Feed. These websites have great Google Ranking. So, must you check it.
  1. Ablogin
  2. Allforblog
  3. Alltop
  4. Birminghambloggers
  5. Blloggs
  6. Blog.com
  7. Blogarama 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Social bookmarking pligg website | new Social bookmarking site list

Social bookmarking pligg website

Pligg is popular CMS for creation of social bookmarking sites. Here they do have a list of social bookmarking net site which are based on Pligg CMS. Social bookmarking is an great way to share your favourite links together with your relatives and friends. Moreover they also have importance in Search Engine Optimizations because they do provide backlinks also.

High Page Rank Instant approval article directories list 2012

instant articles ping websites | Articles pinging site 2012

 Instant articles ping websites | Articles pinging site 2012

This two articles ping website are great website for submit articles in these site and ping your articles in very short time. So, dear must you check these two website and enjoy.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Paid Blog posting sites | blog submitting websites 2012 | Link building sites 2012

Blog submitting websites 2012

There are many paths to building links, such as link baiting or blogroll-link swapping, but few are as easy to implement and cost effective as submitting to blog directories. And good link juice makes for a growing blog.
This is great blog directories site which I share with you.

Here are 24 directories you need to know about:
1. Best of the Web Blog Search remains a powerful tool for sharing your blog, especially since this director’s very selective, listing only mature and valuable blogs. A link from here is majestic.
2. Bloggeries is one of the most respected blog directories. The layout is clear and concise, and readers are able to find what they are looking for in a snap.

Monday, 5 March 2012

How to write effectively Classified ads and how doing attractive | Classified ad posting Tips and trick of 2012

Classified submissions is of best process to generate way links to your net site, keeping few Points in mind while writing classified ads will help you in getting your traffic converted to your business leads.

Write an effective advertisement:
Classified ads are limited to words and you need to be positive that your advertisement has got an effective title, description and an online site url of relevant product page, moreover you can include an offer cost for a specific products.

Best Do Follow Directories website list | High PR Do follow directories website 2012-2013

Best Do Follow Directories website list
These best Do Follow Directories website list is give you permanent backlink link of your blog or website. This list contain high page rank Do Follow Directories websites you must submit your link in following all directories website and get back link instantly. I hope you like this list. So, Check these all Best Do follow Directories website list

Saturday, 3 March 2012

30+ No login No registration No verification Classified website 2012 | Direct posting website 2012

No Registration No Login No account Required Classified Websites

Today I share with you Classified website which provide you facility of No verification, No login, No registration, So, you can ad post on these all website quickly and easily. These No registration classified website is very important for promotion of your website and your business. So, must check these all No login No registration No verification Classified website 2012 and promote yourself.
  1. camperdownlocal.com/camperdown-free-classifieds
  2. centralcoastlocal.net/central-coast-free-classifieds
  3. centralntlocal.com/central-nt-free-classifieds
  4. centralqldlocal.com/central-qld-free-classifieds
  5. centralvictorialocal.com/central-victoria-free-classifieds

Friday, 2 March 2012

10 working Best USA classified website with Alexa high page rank | High Alexa page rank local ads posting website

10 working Best USA classified website with Alexa high page rank

Hi....! dear Today I bring you amazing classified website for Residents of United States (USA). promote your business and Also promote you products through Classified Websites. These Classified Website will be very helpful promotion of your business and your websites and also become of source of visitors for your website. Following 10 working Best USA classified website with Alexa high page rank site are very good and easily navigated classified website. These list of classified site have High Alexa page rank local ads posting website. I hope you like these site and send me comments. So, must check and promote your business, product, website through these 10 working Best USA classified website with Alexa high page rank.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

UK Classified and ad posting website 2012 | top high rank classified site in UK

Dear This is list of UK Classified and ad posting website 2012. These sites have great page rank and easily post ad on every site. Now you can get hundreds of visitors from these UK classified websites. So, must check it and post ad on every site.
  1. www.london-village.co.uk
  2. www.adsfarm.co.uk
  3. www.freeads24.co.uk
  4. www.agriaffaires.co.uk

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