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Friday, 30 November 2012

Copyrights Content Issues complete Explanation

Copyrights conent
Copyrights Content Issues Explanation

Few years back in 2010, I was a beginner to Jogging a blog and I was searching tips about jogging a blog. I learn a lot from the net myself. I had created lots of blogs with Blogger.com and I was generating content myself. Mostly my content were images and embedded videos from you tube. I cut lots of pics from videos and then uploaded to my weblog. But one time I copied articles from a weblog. The same articles which I copied were copied from somewhere else by that blogger. And when the actual author came to know about his content; they became angry as well as mournful. They contacted both of Us (The Man Who First Copied the Content) and me. I received an electronic mail from him asking that in 48 hours I must remove the content from my weblog. Otherwise my weblog will be reported to Google & Blogger. I was shocked having heard that. because I had Adsense ads on the same weblog. After reading his electronic mail I instantly replied and requested him to give me more day to neat my blog .

How to Write Blog Posts or Articles in very Less Time?

quality content
How to Write Blog Posts or Aaricles in Very Less Time?

My Dear All friends and visitors last few days many people send me mail that how we write articles or quality content for our blog posting. So, today I decided that why not I share with you today a article about writing articles or write unique and quality content articles. Now I tell you step by step you should must read my this whole article. Let's start....!
Writing posts takes plenty of time for new bloggers. But this won't be anymore. In this post I will speak about the ways that plenty of professional bloggers use to write their quality content. By the finish of this post it is possible for you to to write a distinctive 1000 word post in less than 60 minutes. If it sounds like a scam why don't you read this tiny post to the finish? You won't lose anything and by that time it will be less than 60 minutes also. Let's examine the steps that plenty of professional bloggers use to write their posts.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

How to add custom Fonts in WordPress Blog

Custom fonts for Wordpress
How to add custom Fonts in WordPress Blog
We all know that there's millions of custom fonts available on the net that a person can download in his computer and use whenever they wishes. However, in the event you are walking your net site or weblog on WordPress and you require to make use of some custom fonts then it cannot be done the way you do it on your computer. Of coursework, you can add custom fonts in your WordPress weblog but for this purpose, you will must follow necessary criteria. There's different ways to add custom fonts in your WordPress weblog and they are going to speak about both of them in this post.

To start with we'll speak about the most usable plugins exist in WordPress plugins library itself. And we'll also know about adding custom fonts by hand to our WordPress weblog. Here they go, the top five WP plugins that you can use to basically include thousands of free fonts in your weblog.

How to add Multiple Writers or Authors in blogger

How are you dear? I hope you're fine and waiting of my new article, So, dear Today I bring you a great feature of a blogger. which the name of "How to add Multiple Writers or Authors in blogger?" this feature is very important and beneficial people those having articles blogs or doing work in groups. So, let the study of my below article I hope you like it.

We still focusing on blogger tips in this weblog & require to let you know about each & every trick about your blogger blogs in order to make it the most pretty place for jogging a blog. Today we'll learn about adding multiple authors to a positive weblog in blogger. The method is simple & you needn't add any additional codes to your template. However, adding multiple authors to your weblog is a feature which is not used in all cases, you may use it when you have over authors for your weblog. For example; in the event you have a team of writers who work for a single weblog then you must use this feature & in the event you are the only author of your weblog then you needn't use this feature.(more click read more button)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Why Your Blog is not Earning Money? 8 Reasons Explained

making money online
Why Your Blog is not Earning Money?

 Why Your Blog is not Earning Money?

Hello to all of my friends and my visitors from some days I'm much busy and I can not write or share with you of any tips. So, today I share with you a articles about "blogs and making money".
Most of bloggers on the net do walking a blog to earn some money & support their families. I read on several forums people asking for help on how to increase earning & why their weblog is not making money. So I thought to give some tips to my fellow bloggers. I will speak about in detail why your weblog is not earning & what cures ought to you take to increase the earnings.

8 reasons you can think about when your weblog is not making nice money. You can write these 8 reasons in a notepad file or somewhere in a laptop etc to keep in mind that you need to work on these points in the future to increase your earning along with your weblog. The number of reasons I can assume are below:

1. More Earning needs more traffic

Blog traffic is defined as the visitors received by a weblog. So the first thing you may be lacking is that your weblog has not nice number of visitors and that is the reason you are not making funds.so, if your weblog is having low traffic. This is the first reason why you are not earning from your weblog. (Click on Read more button for complete article)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

New Dofollow Social Bookmarking websites list

New Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking

•  www.faqpal.com
•  www.blogmarks.net
•  www.confer.com.au
•  www.topsocial.info
•  www.taggersite.info
•  www.submitevent.com
•  votesocial.info

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Online Shopping websites list

E-commerce Websites List 2012

ecommerce websites

I have created a list of e-commerce sites where you can buy or sell your product and also compare rate of same product on different sites. I have also mentioned some e-commerce directories where you can register for your services. I have only mentioned the e-commerce sites list, but it is entirely up to you whether to buy a product from them or not. You need to select how reliable they are after reading there reviews, in any case I am not responsible.

  1. www.amazon.com
  2. www.junglee.com
  3. www.ebay.com
  4. www.bestbuy.com

Web submission Directory list For increase Google page Rank

List of Free Directory Websites for submission

directory submission

To get top search engine rankings, you require to have other sites link to your site. The many websites that link to your site or blog, in general, the better your search engine rankings will be & the more traffic you will get to your net site/blog.

All major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, & Bing, count the number of incoming links to each Web page in their indexes from other relevant Web pages. This is called "link popularity," & it plays a important role to determining the order of leads to the search engines.

  1. www.addyourblog.com
  2. www.top-sites.org
  3. www.top-blogs.org
  4. www.bloghints.com
  5. www.deeplinker.net

Sunday, 4 November 2012

No Registration instant approval classified sites

No Registration instant approval classified sites

No registration sites
No Registration instant approval classified sites
The very new instant posting, no login no registration necessary classifieds list of 2012 that they are very new sites that are registered newly in the 2012.All free classified listed in this post are very new to classified industry and listed for the first time over here.All new classified sites that are very new to classified industry will be updated in a regular basis and the best thing is all these classified sites are free and matchless and not even a single site is repeated.All classifies are personally checked and all are 100 percent working free classified sites.


Friday, 2 November 2012

New Working free Classified websites of 2012

New Working free Classified websites of 2012

classified websites
New Working free Classified websites of 2012

The new 100% working free classified list of 2012.This post covers a part of new free marketing free online classified which are absolutely free to post marketing sites.The classified sites listed below are new & it is published in this post.All new classified sites will be updated regularly from this post.Your ads will get more exposure as you submit first to these sites.All sites are distinctive & only new sites that are online from 2012 will be posted in coming posts.Check this new classified site list & other new sites will be updated regularly.

  1. ads-indian.com
  2. ads-land.com
  3. alleppeyclassifieds.com
  4. b4uads.com
  5. berlinnhclassifieds.com

New classified websites for ad submission

New classified websites for ad submission

classified websites
New classified websites for ad submission
Why use free classified sites? Because it is free and plenty of free classified sites get thousands of hits per day. Most have search capability, which means you have a nice chance someone seeing your ads. Plenty of site owners have used them continuously with great success.
Try and post your adds every day Most free classified sites will place new ads on top, which means in a day or so, your commercial will get pushed down. Also, most free classifieds sites will generate a new page for your new commercial, which allows for search engine bots to index your commercial making it more visible to the public.

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