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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Top classified websites list by Alexa Rank | high alexa rank classified website list

The World's top free best classified sites list by latest Alexa Rank 2012 is listed in this post.All classifed sites in this list are having Alexa rank below 10000.The Alexa rank of each is recently updated rank in 2012.Alexa rank below 100000 is regarded as lovely sign for a lovely site & take a glance over this classifieds list that are having Alexa rank below10000.Advertise your free ads in these classifeds sites where more advertisers postd ads & most of the users view ads.So posting & browsing is made simpler by list list of top Alexa ranked classifieds & also marketing value of your ads is increased more by posting your ads in these classified sites.Here is the list of best classified sites list arranged accordingly by Alexa rank.

Alexa rank 46

Alexa rank 85

Alexa rank 670

Alexa rank 699

Alexa rank 741

Alexa rank 991

Alexa rank 1908

Alexa rank 2469

Alexa rank 2921

Alexa rank 2986

Alexa rank 3049

Alexa rank 3124

Alexa rank 4104

Alexa rank 6305

Alexa rank 9903

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